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Surf Movie Sunday: The Endless Summer

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I was on Hulu earlier this week and discovered a category of surf movies; I nearly had an aneurysm. I decided that now was a great time to start a limited run serial on surf movies, and now I present to you Surf Movie Sunday, with no promises of how long it will last but I will watch a different surf movie every Sunday and then post a short description with a general review with a rating of some sort that I will determine by the time I am done with this one. Sorry it’s going up so late, even if you read this the moment I post it there’s a pretty good chance it’s already Monday where you are. I have had nothing but bad luck

I had to do Bruce Brown’s The Endless Summer first, because it is considered to be the seminal surf movie. In this 1966 documentary, Brown follows two California surfers on the “endless summer”, a journey across the world, following the summer season and trying to find waves wherever they went. These two surfers hit Senegal, Ghana, South Africa, East Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Hawaii, finding new surf spots and meeting new people, having adventures, and spreading their love of surfing across the world. This is the film that inspired future generations of surfers to do the same, and brought surfing to these new places later on.

The plot description doesn’t do this film justice, however. From the surf music theme and the Disney-esque incidental music, to the wisecrack-laden narration that kept us laughing through most of the movie, this film serves as both an education in what surfing looks like and an inspiration to go find some waves and see what you can do on them; certain points of the narration feel like you’re gleaning important pointers, too – Brown talks about how surfers deal with shallow surf, vertical corals, waves that break against a wall, waves that come in diagonally to the shore (I think if you start on the near end you can ride pretty far out), et cetera.

I felt this movie was so worth my while I kept it in the queue because I want to see it again. In other words, I give this movie . . .



I can’t recommend this movie highly enough. The narration is wonderfully humorous, the surfing is real, the movie was over before we knew it. Even more to it’s credit, the wife enjoyed it and laughed right along with me and found it very interesting, so crazy-surf-otaku-Rob is not leading you up the primrose path, I promise! If you subscribe to Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime, you are in luck – The Endless Summer is available on both right now. Sorry Netflix subscribers, you got left in the cold.

If you subscribe to a service that offers this film or know how to otherwise see this movie for free (legally) then please let us know it the comments below.

Morning Surf Report: a board review, running reasons, etc

I thought that it might be a good thing to share a few of the things that I find around the Internet while I’m being distracted from running and writing in the morning – things that I like, things that I feel like I should share with my readers and that I don’t really know if I could do justice for in just one post. Hence we have the Surf Report: a roundup of things I have to share with all of my wonderful readers.

Yesterday morning I got a surfboard review in my YouTube email and I decided to watch it. Now, I don’t really know Thing1 about surfboards except that they’re boards you surf on, but after this video I realized that:

    1. I now know a thing or two about surfboards
    2. There’s a whole bunch of lingo attached to surfboards that I don’t know
    3. There’s all kinds of parts to the surfboard

If you’re interested in learning a little bit about them then watch this:

Last night I read my email newsletter from the Oatmeal, a comic blogger that you may or may not have heard of (it’s likely you have seen some of his stuff around, if nothing else). It was just one epic comic in six parts about why he runs so much. I swear this comic is all about me in someone else’s hilarious words; please enjoy it and check out all six parts by using the next button at the bottom of each part or the supplied navigational index.

image credit: http://theoatmeal.com
image credit: http://theoatmeal.com

Here’s a fond hello back to the good-ol’ days:

Well, it might be a little easier to get some readers now! But from the analog evolution to the digital revolution did we lose something else, like all the time we spend distracted, watching videos, answering emails, listening to the new Vampire Weekend album on Spotify? Possible. Quite possible.

Finally, I would feel remiss if I didn’t at least show these off:

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award
July 4, 2013
One Lovely Blog award
July 18, 2013

I want to thank my friend Rachel Folk over at All Night Knits for giving me these blog awards, and for being such a wonderful reader. Readers really are the best award a blogger and writer can collect, and I hope to be able to increase my readership as time goes by; to this end I will do my best to bring something interesting to the table every day.

Product review: Skora Form running shoes

About a month ago I was scrambling to find some running shoes for this year. My last running shoe review was two years ago for Vibram Speeds, and I ended up blowing through those in about four months. After figuring out I had exceeded their rated mileage by about 20%, I tried Vibram Bikilas instead, but they were uncomfortable. Then I switched to Invisible Shoes huaraches (sandals, now called XeroShoes) but I never could get used to them and ended up with a large & persistent blood blister on the ball of my right foot. I spent the tail end of the winter running in my Adidas Skeletoes (1.0) but I needed something more minimal for the summer. Enter Skora Form.


The Form is manufactured by Skora Running (@SkoraRunning), whose tag line is “Run Real.” What initially drew me was the fact that “Skora” sounds exactly like the Russian word for “quick”, but the details intrigued me – goatskin upper, sheepskin lining, 9mm zero-drop outsole; 4mm removable, anti microbial insole; wide toe box; asymmetrical lacing system; and a high-density, wear-resistant rubber sole. I ordered them from Amazon and have been running in them for about a month.

I’ve worn these on runs ranging from 30 to 90 minutes, and I can honestly say that I have not had runs these good since running in my Vibram Speeds two years ago, and my pace is actually improved with these shoes. It feels like my running is more relaxed and laid back, but my average paces and distances do not lie. While minimalists seem to prefer a 4-6mm sole, the combination of 13mm insole/outsole did not deaden the ground-feel, which is great, and the flexibility is just superb.

After a month, the materials are holding up well; the sole appears to have less wear than I would have thought, too. The fit is true to size; I am officially a size 8, right on the line between EE and EEE for width, so I order an 8W from Amazon and receive an 8. After emailing Skora about how to tell the wide from the standard sizes I learned that they don’t make wide sizes, but some retailers carry them as both wide and standard widths because of the wider toe box. As it turns out, I didn’t have any problems with the fit. The asymmetrical lacing follows the natural curve of the foot instead of going straight up the middle, which helps you get the shoe snug without any bunching of the material.

The cost of the shoes reflects the materials involved in making them; they retail at $185, at the top of Skora’s line. Depending on the size, Amazon likely has a better price – about half that, if you are my size. Still, I can’t say it enough: good running shoes cost money, period. You can get away with decent or even passable, but I am one of those willing to shell out a little more because a.) I work my butt off, and b.) I like to run and I deserve good shoes for that. Still, the full retail is a little bit out of my range and so it was nice to get these for such a great price. Skora’s best features are built into all of their shoes, though, so even penny-pinchers can find a good pair of shoes for less.

All in all, these are hands-down the best shoes I have ever run in, and I would recommend them to anyone. Everyone is a little different when it comes to shoes, but these are definitely top-notch. My favorite feature of these is the way the laces are textured so that they don’t come untied – definitely a plus.

Comments? Questions? Leave them below. What shoes do you run in?

Disclaimer: this is an independent product review. Skora Running had no part in its creation; I did this “sole”-ly for the benefit of other runners and athletes.