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Do I really want my palm read?

English: Chart of the Hand.
English: Chart of the Hand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I imagine I’m on a long flight sitting next to someone who, as it turns out, is a palm reader. Or, at least they think they can read palms. So, at first they might offer nicely to read my palm for me. I start to consider switching seats, but I can’t figure out why anybody would want to sit next to a person who asks to read your palm on a flight. There is something a little wrong with that. Is it a way to segue into a terrorist attack, or is it just going to be the most awkward flight in the history of mankind?

I would do my best to avoid this, because I really don’t believe that the palm has anything to say about a person’s past or future or anything else, for that matter; however, somehow the prompt has got me acquiescing. So what does this charlatan tell me? Can I look forward to health? Do I expect wealth, or success? Am I going to meet a beautiful dark mysterious lady, who will make my life complete – before I reveal to this palmist that I’m married with child? Will my fortune be specific, or will it be a collection of generalities that are supposed to lead me toward believing in this hocus-pocus?

Those people are supposed to be pretty good at cold-reading others, drawing out facts from a person like pulling pickles from a jar, while making it seem as though the “psychic” is divining them somehow. I’ve learned to cultivate a healthy skepticism toward a lot of superstition related to fortune-telling. I like newspaper horoscopes because they often give good advice, and somehow horoscopes are more often than not correctly guessing a person’s personality by their zodiac sign. But that does not mean that I believe in it.

My hands are strong, but finely structured with some callousing on the palms. So I’m a working man and I desire money, right? I’d settle for a decent pickup with a tonneau cover, really. And what do I know of lifelines? I’m pretty sure mine is at least this long.

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