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Bigger, better, faster, stronger: thank you, Surfer Rob!

Surprise surprise, I’ve been granted magical engineering skills! What do you think I will do with them? Continue reading Bigger, better, faster, stronger: thank you, Surfer Rob!

Planet Janet, I love you!

How would you go about designing your own planet? Continue reading Planet Janet, I love you!


Del tried talking about it on several occasions, certain that many thought him mad. Continue reading Fading

Big Hunters

Martegan came hunting the jungle cat phanx;

that’s not what he found.

He held his weapon level, whipping the sight from one dark corner to another. Spotting the impossible creature, shots were fired; he’d initially considered it a coveted trophy, and now was surrounded – by just one. It hunted him – “the hunter”.

He could hear it menacing; toying with him.

It attacked – silent, deadly. There was no such thing, yet it took Martegan out.

This flash fiction in 74 words was crafted for the M3 blog’s Flash in the Pan (Level).

The Fire at Cheb’s End

Among the tailor’s mundane materials – fabrics, threads, lumps of beeswax – the investigators discovered evidence of his odious craft: illegal pixie dust, pegasus pelts, troll tongues, bottles of dragon’s blood, and worse – a chest of elf skins.

Good luck writing that report; first the magical firefight that saw the old man incinerated, and now proof that the surge in dark artifactivity was the tailor’s handiwork – what a can of wyrms!

“What kinda deranged sicko-” Cheb stopped. He’d unlatched a trunk before noticing a symbol on it: a warning. “Uh. . . ”

Too late.

Someone yelled, “get out!”

The others fled as Cheb exploded.

This flash fiction in 100 words was crafted for the M3 blog’s Flash in the Pan (Deranged).

FORWARD: A Dark Canvas, Full of Light

The Great Mother, essence of chaos, gave birth to twin daughters who were joined –
one black-eyed, one white-eyed blind.
They crafted a seed of light and planted it in the void;
when Mother touched it, the stars descended.

Rather than allow their children to fall into chaos,
the dark-eyed daughter knits a blanket to catch them as they fall.
The white-eyed daughter tied a line to the edge,
counting each row as it moves forward.

This flash fiction in 75 words was crafted for the M3 blog’s Flash in the Pan

REACH: Cradle of Life

In the beginning,
the Great Mother
whose mind boils in Chaos
did reach toward the seed of light
crafted by her daughters.

She sunk her fingers deep
until it fell in chunks all around;
embedded in the void,
burning from the touch
of primal Chaos,
her grandchildren became the stars.

This flash fiction in 50 words was crafted for the M3 blog’s Flash in the Pan