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>It’s finally Friday!

>     Yes, and the weekend brings awesome weather!! I managed to get out to jog this morning; in fact, it was almost like an exact redo of Tuesday morning (which was the first time back jogging,) except that I took a different route this time. Instead of wandering around the turns in the subdivision at a half-jog and wishing I could breathe, I went straight for the inclines.
     Don’t let anybody tell you North Dakota is flat; I mean, it is, right? But there are hills to go around, and for some reason the hills are mostly in the cities. They build around and over the hills. Apparently, suburban design is more of an art than a science. My SimCities never looked like this; the hills in my neighborhood are steep. Some people even have steps in their sidewalks! It wasn’t long before I was having trouble catching my breath again, pushing through at the fastest walk I could muster. . . again.
     I’m not a patient man, but I will get through this. I will run again. On another note, today’s weather is quite lovely; it’s fifty-four degrees and awesome. Karisa and I are going to see “How to Train Your Dragon” tonight in 3D at the Grand Theatre. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this film, to say the least. Work was much less hectic, and I used less slack time to blog. . . obviously.

Ciao for now!

>Thursday has been trashed.

>     Oh, what a stupid day. As if it didn’t start out cruddy; I couldn’t run again, because it was nineteen degrees outside and there was snow on the ground. What? What happened to Spring?!? Well, Monday’s high is supposed to be sixty-four, so there’s hope yet. I get to work and it’s a freaking zoo. Kids all over the place, carrying violins and violas and cellos and I’m thinking, I thought this was supposed to happen last night. Despite the distraction and the inability to get anything done quickly, I finish receiving and dealing with “special” issues by 12:30, and I’m supposed to find stuff to do among all of the hubbub?
     Oh yeah, there’s a string festival happening in the store right now. Apparently whomever holds it couldn’t afford the space they usually get, so Eckroth was kind enough to host it. I’m actually writing this right now because I’m bored to tears and I can’t do anything else because there’s too much traffic in the store. The good thing about today is that I get to pick up the Saturn after work. The shop manager at Cenex called me just before eleven this morning to tell me that it’s ready to go. Apparently, the coolant was leaking from a gasket and he just tightened it and solved the problem!

     We’ll see, right?

>Wicked Wednesday

>     This has been one tiring day. I didn’t get a chance to run this morning because it’s Wednesday, and on Wednesday I start work two hours earlier than usual. Karisa didn’t feel well – grumpy stomach, possibly due to the tuscani pasta from Pizza Hut last night – and I let her stay home instead of taking me to work because we have her Mom’s van for the time being and I wanted to drive the Saturn anyway to check my suspicion that it still has a coolant leak.
     I was right. Although the coolant reservoir was full when I left the house, when I checked it at lunch time, it was nearly empty. Go figure, right? The chumps at Cenex replaced the water pump and didn’t fix the coolant leak. I had to call them and make an appointment for them to “look at it” tomorrow; I dropped it off after work at the Cenex, where Karisa was waiting for me in the van.
     On the upside, I got a really sweet Fender lunchbox at work today, with a little thermos and everything. We got ten of them because all of our stores are switching over from loose guitar picks to pick packs, and so we had to order a ton of picks for seven different locations. I also picked up some cool Ernie Ball stickers from an order that came in today, which was a nice surprise. Usually Ernie Ball sends us guitar cables and picks as promos, which I usually throw in the marketing area for giveaways and door prizes.
     Also, the weather here was nicer than expected today – very sunny, high in the mid-fifties, which was supposed to be in the high forties. . . so that was great, and we’ve opened up the windows in the apartment for the first time since last Fall, when we moved in. The air coming in is a tad cooler than I would prefer, but it’s fresh air, after all, and I totally approve.
     But work was definitely busy. It’s about that time of year that I stop having an excuse to slack off, and products will begin to arrive with increasing frequency. Today I received two pallets of snare/bell kits and pad/bell kits. Forty-seven pieces in all, each one serialized and kind of heavy. I didn’t have this problem with them last year. . . but then again, I was less out-of-shape last year; I’m tackling that one.
     I’m ready to rest, but it’s going to have to wait a little bit longer. The Zunited podcast has a dearth of email for the next show (which is on April 6) and they requested on air that I write a thought-provoking email. Let’s see how that goes!

>Back to shape, day 1

>     Today, I started my jogging regimen again. Since moving to North Dakota, I have gained at least forty pounds, and my clothing has been shrinking at an alarming rate; at this point, there is quite a bit in my wardrobe that I am unhappy about. I have resolved to change this by getting back into my exercise habit. Unfortunately, I have no bicycle, which is not only a good workout, but fun; and it’s less of a chore than running.
     I decided, after looking at at eight o’ clock this morning, that if I were to wait for the morning temps to hit fifty degrees, I’d be waiting a while yet. No more waiting! I threw on my sweatpants (or rather, I slid them on like you slide on socks,) put on my hoodie, threw on my Skullcandy Lowriders (red, white, and chrome, thank you so much,) and stalked stealthily down the mile of stairs to the door outside – creaking all the while. The stairs, I mean.
     Once outside, I put on Huey Lewis and the News – Greatest Hits. In retrospect, a great choice for jogging, but I didn’t feel nearly as peppy as the music sounded. At 8:12 I started jogging. At 8:18 or so, I had to slow down to a power-walk. I had trouble catching my breath, which seemed unusual to me. I was going to the gym a few months ago, and didn’t have this trouble breathing on either the elliptical or treadmill, but jogging always seemed tougher and more strenuous to me (although once you get used to it, it’s highly addictive.) I kept going, resolving to stay out until about 8:30; that was a good goal for day 1.
     About 8:25 I found myself about the distance of three blocks away from home (I was weaving around the different streets in my area,) and although I still could not catch my breath, I told myself I would jog the distance. About twenty seconds in, I had this sensation of being suffocated, and told myself to get past it. Either I sink or swim, I thought. I was breathing, after all. . . why did it have to be so hard? I forced myself to breathe harder, deeper, faster, until I realized that even though it felt like I couldn’t breathe, I was indeed going to make it. No problem.
     I made it home and climbed up the first flight of stairs, and unlocked the door while wishing I didn’t have another flight of stairs to go; while they look like simple stairs, easy enough to climb, they are steep and a royal pain when carrying in groceries or moving. The clock said it was just past 8:30 and that meant the alarm had gone up and Karisa had shut it off and gone back to bed. Good! That means I get the first shower! I forgot about my breathing problem after about ten minutes in the shower.
     I’m never getting any heavier than this, I’m back at my high school high, which is around 225 lb. and that’s already too heavy. Either I’ve become so out of shape that I just can’t breathe, or being sick so much this year has really taken a toll on my lungs. I’m hoping for the former, because I’m more familiar with fixing that problem.