Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Superheroes!

I promised a superhero picture earlier this week, and I have delivered. This is the vision I had when I first read the prompt:


The further I got into this piece, however, the more I realized that it’s not traditional “superhero” material. I did come by this sketch concept I made in our room at Seaside, Oregon:


Funny, how I started itching to draw very soon before this challenge began!


12 thoughts on “Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Superheroes!”

  1. Seriously dude, I love you but I gotta ditch you as a friend, I just find that I am no longer able to cope with your awesomeness.
    If I were still a friend I would tell you this is brilliant, but as we’re now separated I can freely tell you it’s shot without feeling any guilt!!
    Oh no, I have come to the Darkling side!!

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